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I'm Cisco Champion Community member for 2017!

I'm Cisco Champion Community member for 2017!
"Cisco Champions are passionate about Cisco and happy to share our knowledge, experience, and feedback."

суббота, 16 апреля 2011 г.

ns-2 network simulator installation on Ubuntu 10.10

Today I was required to install ns-2 from scratch in Ubuntu 10.10.
For this purpose it is needed to download archive from official site, extract it and run ./install in it's directory.
Before that build-essentials package is required to be installed via
apt-get install build-essentials.
After build-essential is installed, you can run ./install. This script will give you the error about undefined reference to `__stack_chk_fail_local' in otcl.c. How can you fix it? Simplest way:
disable stack protection: set the CFLAGS to -fno-stack-protector
For this purpose you can modify "install" on line 497 and set

        ./configure CFLAGS=-fno-stack-protector || die "otcl-$OTCLVER configuration failed! Exiting ...";
instead of
        ./configure || die "otcl-$OTCLVER configuration failed! Exiting ...";

пятница, 1 апреля 2011 г.

Do you know what...

- Default ARP entry timeout is 4 hours in IOS!
- DHCP Offer can be sent to all ones broadcast address instead of unicast address in certain situations.
- You can policy route route locally generated broadcast and multicast traffic with "ip local policy". For example this can lead to problems with dhcp server responses  to broadcast address.
- You can't use "match interface" in "ip local policy route-map"
- 255 is inaccessible administrative distance in IOS, you can use it for route filtering
- RIP doesn't generates corresponding Null0 routes for summary addresses opposit to EIGRP and OSPF. This can lead to different interesting situations like routing loops.
- You can't make as-path repend for IBGP routes
- "ip split-horizon" is disabled by default on frame-relay physical interfaces

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