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I'm Cisco Champion Community member for 2017!

I'm Cisco Champion Community member for 2017!
"Cisco Champions are passionate about Cisco and happy to share our knowledge, experience, and feedback."

понедельник, 31 августа 2015 г.

quick note: standby use-bia

Q. What is the standby use-bia command and how does it work?

A. By default, HSRP uses the preassigned HSRP virtual MAC address <...> In order to configure HSRP to use the burnt-in address of the interface as its virtual MAC address, instead of the default, use the standby use-bia command.

Note: Using the standby use-bia command has these disadvantages:
  • When a router becomes active the virtual IP address is moved to a different MAC address. The newly active router sends a gratuitous ARP response, but not all host implementations handle the gratuitous ARP correctly.
  • Proxy ARP breaks when use-bia is configured. A standby router cannot cover for the lost proxy ARP database of the failed router.

quick note: mpls ldp router-id

Don't forget yo use "force" to quicker change router-id (don't wait for event that lead to router-id change).

вторник, 25 августа 2015 г.

How to test your url filtering via telnet during the lab

Use simple method, don't forget to place two new lines after "Host":
telnet 8080
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
GET /testurl.html HTTP/1.0
Host: R1.lab

четверг, 13 августа 2015 г.

Most awesome show running-config parsing shortcuts for CCIE R&S Lab I'm using

Find passwords with space sign at the end:
sh run | i _$

Show "router bgp/eigrp/ospf/rip" section of the configuration:
sh run | s r b
sh run | s r e
sh run | s r o
sh run | s r r

Show interface config only:
sh run | s int
Note: you can't use sh ru | s i because "i" in this case means "section include", also as "e" means "exclude"

Use short and informative route-map names, for example:
route-m c2e
to describe route-map for redistribution from connected to EIGRP.

Searching route in all VRFs:
sh ip ro vrf * | i ...

Show "crypto" part of the configuration (everything about IPSec):
sh run | s ^cr
sh run | s cry

Show routing part of the configuration with route-maps and without route-maps(longer and less used):
sh run | s ^r
sh run | s router

Less used, but valuable.
Show all ip prefix lists:
sh run | s ip p

Show all ip access-lists:
sh run | s ip ac

Note: I'm using sh run instead of sh ru because there is show rudpv1 command also exists.

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